regular portsdb maintanence

Michael P. Soulier msoulier at
Wed Mar 28 00:55:07 UTC 2007

On 27/03/07 youshi10 at said:

> I can't say I've used that option lately, but I'm pretty sure that what 
> you're experiencing occurs because stuff a) gets moved or b) gets removed. 
> Versioned port like lib/libnet10 for instance gets replaced by lib/libnet11 
> in the future for instance.
> You shouldn't really have to do something like this more than once a month 
> though I would think unless you're a heavy ports user, because ports don't 
> get moved / removed frequently (except as of late where there seems to be a 
> bit of a ports revamp going on). So, maybe once every two weeks for now?

Thanks, I'll try that. 

I think I'll run portsclean now and then too, and whatever other regular
cleaning I can do.

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