CTM update from mail

Joe Kraft jvk-list at thekrafts.org
Tue Mar 27 16:48:45 UTC 2007

>> I'm preparing to take a computer on the road with me where I won't 
>> have direct access to the internet, but will be able to receive e-mail 
>> on a different computer through a webmail interface.  I intend to keep 
>> up to date using CTM, and have looked through the handbook but there 
>> seems to be an important part missing.
>> I'm trying to figure out how to use updates received in the mail.  The 
>> updates are split into multiple parts and CTM doesn't seem to process 
>> them directly.  I can't figure out how to reconstruct the original 
>> cvs-cur.*.gz file from the parts.

I finally figured this out, so I'll answer my own question in case 
someone as stupid as I happens upon this thread while searching for 
their own answer.

RTFM, ctm_rmail.  It's also mentioned in the handbook, although I swear 
someone added it in the last couple of days because I didn't see it last 
week when I was looking for it.  ;-)


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