Updating Bind & OpenSSL on 6.1-Stable/Release

Reko Turja reko.turja at liukuma.net
Tue Mar 27 12:24:08 UTC 2007

>I did... So I linked it to /etc/named.conf.... Everything works great 
> My question is howver, why are the ports setup different than the 
> original
> install? I would think that the port build would be set with the 
> same
> options as the original install that came with the OS... I've seen 
> this

Mainly because FreeBSD is a complete system, not a kernel and mishmash 
of separate utilities like some other OS'es out there. Basically this 
means that you should upgrade supplied userland programs by using the 
usual cvsup the latest sources and buildworld procedure, rather than 
using the ports for upgrading. The versions of BIND/Sendmail/SSL in 
the ports are mainly in there for users who need new features or 
something not available in the versions installed with the operating 
system base.

The separate install lets you bail out if something stops working with 
the replacements installed from ports and of course helps preventing 
breaking the interdependencies and stuff in the OS supplied userland.


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