Updating Bind & OpenSSL on 6.1-Stable/Release

Eric Crist mnslinky at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 12:09:47 UTC 2007

On Mar 27, 2007, at 12:12 AM, Don O'Neil wrote:

> If they are 'ports' specificly built for FreeBSD, shouldn't the port
> maintainer make them install like the originals were? Makes sense  
> to me....
> Or maybe the original install/release needs to be changed to  
> install the
> same as the port.
> It's a pain having to debug where everything went, change config  
> files,
> update startup scripts, make symlinks, etc... When if it were Linux  
> a simple
> RPM install would update it and I'd be done with it.
> Just my observations.

The ports tree installs things to the /usr/local/ prefix, to help you  
keep your ports and base system separate.  This is a normal behavior,  
and has been normal for a lot longer than you have been using  
FreeBSD.  I apologize, but I doubt the developers are going to change  
the standard behavior just because you got confused the first time  
you tried to replace a base system component.

Look here in section

Eric F Crist
Secure Computing Networks

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