Linux "equivalent" to freebsd

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> >Could you recommend a distribution you are using in production, we've
> >ubuntu, fedora and Debian, but I wonder what freebsd users recommend...
> >Thanks
> I recommend Gentoo or Slackware. I feel that these are most similar to
> in organization, configuration and third party software management.
> I use Gentoo when I can't use FreeBSD. With Gentoo, you can compile
> to be optimized for your specific processor if you want to do so.

How exactly do you compile a binary-only product like Zend Platform to be
optimiized for your CPU?

I realize you mean well but this is commercial software, he needs to call
technical support first and ask them which specific linux distro they prefer
use.  If he does not do this then at 4pm in the afternoon when there is a
problem he may get "we didn't test it on that linux distro" from Zend tech


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