Updating Bind & OpenSSL on 6.1-Stable/Release

Don O'Neil lists at lizardhill.com
Tue Mar 27 00:35:32 UTC 2007

I did... So I linked it to /etc/named.conf.... Everything works great now...

My question is howver, why are the ports setup different than the original
install? I would think that the port build would be set with the same
options as the original install that came with the OS... I've seen this
before, and it's annoying as heck when you go to patch/update something and
it doesn't work because it's installing in a different location and looks
for config files in different places. 

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> My bind install that came on the 6.1 installation runs from /usr/bin, 
> whereas both the package and the source want to run from 
> /usr/local/bin...

You should have named.conf in /etc/namedb unless there's something funny
with the original install. Not sure if you need to run make-localhost script
in that directory as I do it as a matter of principle each new system
install anyway. If I update SSL/SSH/BIND I set the
REPLACE_BASE/OVERWRITE_BASE knob (check the Makefile at ports dir for
relevant knob name!) so the updated version will overwrite the older at /usr


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