Upgrade suggestion

Gary Kline kline at tao.thought.org
Mon Mar 26 23:40:00 UTC 2007

	Hi Folks,

	Last night it struck me that one reason I constantly find new
	ports to upgrade is that with ~17K ports, if you're running one 
	of the more common desktop managers and several popular apps,
	there are going to be at least a dozen minor tweaks every day.
	E.g.:going from foo-1.6.7_2  to foo-1.6.7_3.   I used to run 
	port[upgrade|manager] twice/week.  Was swamped; recently, 
	upgrading things daily.   Since a lot of the wm ports take 
	> 24 hours to build/re-build, I'm pretty much wedged.   Thus 
	this suggestion  (for all port/package upgrade suites):
	have a flag, say 'u' for "urgent" when *foo*" goes from 
	foo-1.6.7 to -1.6.8  or else when/if foo makes a critical

	I Would've loved to have joined into the Coding ``love-in''
	this coming summer,  but my shoulder said,  "ARE YOU AN IDIOT!"
	so not now.   Besides, other tasks await.  

	Flames to /dev/null,guys; rational responses see-vous-play.


	....Still trying to learn French :-)

	PS:  I hopefully will be upgrading//getting a faster used server 
	     to replace TAO.  Even if that resolves part of my upgrade 
	     problem, I think we can do lots better with maintaining 
	     current ports.

  Gary Kline  kline at thought.org   www.thought.org  Public Service Unix

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