Copy/move files between Windows and FreeBSD

Roger Olofsson raggen at
Mon Mar 26 20:11:40 UTC 2007

Hello Laszlo,

Going off on a tangent here, may I suggest that you try rsync (FreeBSD) 
with cwRsync (Windows) for this? It can use ssh and be fully automated. 
You will need rsync as client on both machines and to create the 
appropriate keys on respective machines.

Rsync is in ports and cwRsync is at .

Good luck!

Nagy László Zsolt skrev:
>  Hi,
> I need to copy,move and delete files across two machines. They are 
> located far away from each other. I have other FreeBSD machines and we 
> were using SSH2 for this kind of task. Under windows, I could not find 
> the right software. This is an automated task, and it is not 
> complicated: copy/move all files from one computer to another. I was 
> using putty and plink/pscp but it is not reliable. I could not start 
> them from a win32 service. I could run them from a scheduled program but 
> sometimes they freeze and then I have to kill and restart the whole 
> thing. I'm looking for a more reliable tool that can do SCP in batch 
> mode. Do you have any suggestions?
> Thanks,
>   Laszlo
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