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Rick Apichairuk rick at logicmerc.com
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> >Does anyone know how to make a script in /etc/rc.d run last?  For instance
> >I want dhclient to be the last script in /etc/rc.d/ to run.  Any help is
> >much appreciated.
> >
> >-Tom
> This may have already been answered by others, but I believe just rename the
> script with a prefix of "z" for example: "zmyscript.sh" or "zzmyscript" to
> make it very last beyond the first one with a "z".
> It works for me.

You might have also noticed that some ports come with number prefixed rc startup
scripts. You can prefix your scripts with numbers like:


That way you can always adjust the exact order.

Best Regards,

Rick Apichairuk 

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