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Mon Mar 26 12:25:23 UTC 2007

On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 07:02:27 -0500
"Rick Apichairuk" <rick at> wrote:

> > I occasionally receive this error message when booting up:
> > 
> > Mar 25 08:28:24 scorpio postgres[756]: [1-1] FATAL:  the database
> > system is starting up
> > 
> > Since it is an intermittent error message, I am unable to track
> > down what is causing it or how to fix it.
> > 
> > Any suggestions?  
> I had a similar problem before with an older version of PostgreSQL.
> The problem was that the rc script was waiting for input from the
> user. It was waiting for a password. Depending on how you set up your
> PostgreSQL, it might ask for a password on startup.
> It might help to post the versions of PostgreSQL and FreeBSD you are
> using.

I checked on the postgresql forum and received a reply. It appears that
a program is attempting to query postgresql before it is started. I
think it was dovecot. In any case, I reconfigured the rc.d file for
postgresql to start sooner in the boot process. That eliminated the
problem, or at least it appears to have done so.


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