kldunload question

jekillen jekillen at prodigy.net
Sun Mar 25 18:48:38 UTC 2007

In the continuing saga of ethernet interfaces
I.E. em0 fwe0 em1 on ASUS N2M32 pro motherboard
with two intel interface cards. One em0 works and the
other em1 does not (can not ping it though it shows
up and running)
I am trying to unload the fwe driver to see if it makes
a difference to em1 function.
after reading Absolute FreeBSD and man kldunload
I did
kldunload - n if_fwe.ko
kldunload -n fwe.ko
The result was that kldunload couid no find the named file
...no such file or directory"
so I did
find / -name if_fwe.ko -print
and it came up where I found it from
kldstat -v  and manual search.

Anyone have an idea why kldunload would not
find this file when it does exist and I am doing this
as root?

Related question:
where is the file GENERIC.lint?
(Absolute FreeBSD mentions GENERIC.lint
in chapter about kernel modifications and

Thank you in advance
Jeff K

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