log rotation recommendations

Lars Kristiansen lars+lister.freebsd at adventuras.no
Sat Mar 24 20:38:45 UTC 2007

Matthew Seaman skrev:
> Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
>> Having recently moved from Linux (SuSE) to FreeBSD (6.2-p3) I'm
>> wondering what the recommended way of rotating logs (principally postfix
>> and apache).  I see that logrotate, with which I'm familiar, is in
>> ports.  I also see that there is a file /etc/newsyslog.conf, but it
>> looks like newsyslog(8) only knows about HUPping syslogd.
> Not so.  The optional 7th field in /etc/newsyslog.conf can contain a
> file name to read a PID out of: that PID will be signalled when the
> log is rotated. The optional 8th column can contain the signal number
> to use -- by default SIGHUP is sent.  The newsyslog.conf(5) man page
> explains all this in great detail.
> Certainly for apache, you might alternatively consider the use of
> rotatelogs(8) (comes with apache) or cronolog(8) (in ports as
> sysutils/cronolog).  Or, indeed, logrotate if that's what you prefer.

It is also possible to put a call for newsyslog within a script.
Then you can do your preferred preprocessing,
call newsyslog with a specialized config for the event,
which should take care of HUPing the application,
and then do postprocessing like moving files to folders,
renaming to include the date or whatever.


> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew

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