Why doesn't sendmail wait to receive on port 25?

B H bernt at bah.homeip.net
Sat Mar 24 08:20:36 UTC 2007

tomohito.kajiwara at nts.ricoh.co.jp skrev:
> I'm trying to install sendmail8.13.4 into freeBSD 6.0.
> And I done all setting of sendmail and confirmed that sendmail is running.
> in addtion of that. I confirmed that sendmail is working as the followings:
> 1. I can send e-mail by "telnet localhost smtp"
> 2. I cannot connect to this PC at any another PC by "telnet IPadress smtp".
> And I found out that the PC I am installing does not wait to receive on
> port 25.

Do you have sendmail_enable="YES" in rc.conf?

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