GTK filedialog crashes Firefox/Thunderbird

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Fri Mar 23 21:01:13 UTC 2007

On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 01:44:09PM -0400, John Nielsen wrote:
> On Friday 23 March 2007 11:02:46 am Frank Staals wrote:
> > It seems that I'm having problems (again) with the GTK filedialog in
> > Firefox/Thunderbird. It happens when saving or opening a file in Firefox
> > or thunderbird resulting in a crash. What to do:
> >
> > - Open Firefox
> > - Save a file, the save-file dialog comes up, Save or cancel it.
> > - Save a file, when the file dialog comes up, file dialog hangs and
> > after a second or something firefox crashes
> I'm seeing the same behavior. I searched around on the web a while ago and saw 
> a report (on a firefox bug issue or mailinglist I think) from another FreeBSD 
> user about this. He later followed up to his own post saying that the problem 
> went away after he recompiled ALL of his ports. The thing that was 
> interesting is that he only saw the bad behavior under xfce (what WM are you 
> using, btw?).  I'm running xfce 4.4.0 and have the problem, but I haven't 
> gotten around to recompiling everything yet. I may or may not wait for the 
> modularXorg stuff to be committed before I do so...

I'm experiencing a similar problem with the GTK file save box. Under
fluxbox, the save box starts to grow and shrink horizontally by approx
40% of its size twice per second or so. The only way out of this is to
kill and restart Firefox. I don't know if other GTK-based programs are
affected though. Another data point: I'm too in the midst of the giant
gettext upgrade tango, so this could be temporary, until everything is
finally upgraded.


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