syslog.conf (5) man error?

Theodore Trubetskoy fedya at
Fri Mar 23 17:25:28 UTC 2007


I'm wondering if it is an error in the syslog.conf man.

man in DESCRIPTION part states:

"A block will only log messages corresponding to the most recent
program and hostname specifications given."

And EXAMPLES part reads:
     # Save ftpd transactions along with mail and news
     *.*						     /var/log/spoolerr

     # Log all security messages to a separate file.
     security.* 					     /var/log/security

     # Log all writes to /dev/console to a separate file.
     console.*						     /var/log/console.log
What means that security and console facilities messages will be
logged only if they came from ftpd program, and obviously this was not
intended in the example.

If you agree it is an error, what is the right way to correct one?

thank you,

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