GTK filedialog crashes Firefox/Thunderbird

Frank Staals frankstaals at
Fri Mar 23 15:29:17 UTC 2007

It seems that I'm having problems (again) with the GTK filedialog in 
Firefox/Thunderbird. It happens when saving or opening a file in Firefox 
or thunderbird resulting in a crash. What to do:

- Open Firefox
- Save a file, the save-file dialog comes up, Save or cancel it.
- Save a file, when the file dialog comes up, file dialog hangs and 
after a second or something firefox crashes

Same thing happens when trying to open a file using the file dialog a 
second time, and same for thunderbird: The second time the GTK file 
dialog comes up it seems to crash firefox or thunderbird.

When I was running firefox-1.5 there was the exact same problem which 
was fixed in one of the developement releases and when first running 
Fx-2 I didn't have any problems with it either. I checked in the gimp 
and geany if there were problems with the file dialog but it worked fine 
in those programs. Has anyone else problems with this ?


frank at Riza$ uname -rs

frank at Riza$ pkg_info | grep firefox
firefox-,1   Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
frank at Riza$ pkg_info | grep thunderbird
thunderbird- Mozilla Thunderbird is standalone mail and news 
that stands

frank at Riza$ pkg_info -rx thunderbird | grep gtk
Dependency: gtk-2.10.10
frank at Riza$ pkg_info -rx firefox | grep gtk
Dependency: gtk-2.10.10

frank at Riza$ pkg_info | grep gtk
gtk-2.10.10         Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable version)

-Frank Staals

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