No core dump after panic

Rajkumar S rajkumars at
Fri Mar 23 10:45:45 UTC 2007

On 3/22/07, Rajkumar S <rajkumars at> wrote:
> On 3/22/07, Simon Chang <simonychang at> wrote:
> > Check out "man savecore" for a list of flags.
> Thanks, I will check that out.

I have reinstalled and now starting from scratch to see if I can get
the core dump of a panic.

savecore_flags="-v -z"

hw.physmem: 508989440

Device          1K-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity
/dev/ad2s1b        768000        0   768000     0%

/dev/ad2s1d    989M    7.9M    902M     1%    /var

My kernel panics immediately on boot up, before the disks are probed.
After panic I boot with a different kernel to extract the core. But I
get the following error during boot up.

Checking for core dump on /dev/ad2s1b...
unable to open bounds file, using 0
checking for kernel dump on device /dev/ad2s1b
mediasize = 786432000
sectorsize = 512
magic mismatch on last dump header on /dev/ad2s1b
savecore: no dumps found

Any idea?


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