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Thu Mar 22 22:35:37 UTC 2007

On 22/03/07, bela.reiner <bela.reiner at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> I am trying to play on okwin 4.11  but I can't error  NAT FORWARDING
> I can pl on okbridge plus or ok 4.02
> i would like solve the problem can you help
>                                BILL REINER

At some point I suppose everyone asks
such questions:
a) Where did I come from?
b) How did all of this come to be?
c) What the heck is okwin?

To answer such questions, most people
(and a certain small percentage of semi-
sentient parrots) often turn to religion or
science.  In this case, I have turned to
google (may he live forever), who, when
these simple queries were put to her
produced (loosely):

a) The earliest known case of HIV-1
in a human was from a blood sample
collected in 1959 from a man in Kin-
shasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

b) Injecting the manure directly into
the ground is an approach that may
have a significant _impact_ on the
amount of nitrogen available for next
year's corn crop. (Obliviously we ask:
whence comest all this Impaction?
The manure injectors, my friend.
The manure injectors.)

c) I am running Win95 since septem-
ber 96. In one of my software named
okbridge i got very often a message:
okwin caused a GPF in module okwin.exe

So we are starting to get a picture here:
Google (may she live forever) knows, and
from now until this vile impaction ceases,
we can sleep peacefully knowing that:

> I am trying to play on okwin 4.11  but I can't

I hope this helps?


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