No core dump after panic

Rajkumar S rajkumars at
Thu Mar 22 07:00:26 UTC 2007


Thanks for your reply!

On 3/21/07, Simon Chang <simonychang at> wrote:
> From what you are saying it sounds like you are getting the panic on
> bootup.  Is that correct?

Yes. immediately on boot up.

> In looking through your config I don't see anything that really stands
> out (although I would use "/var/crash" for dumpdir, and you didn't
> specify savecore_flags).

I did not use /var/crash because /var was small than RAM. So I
manually changed the crash directory to /usr partition. I do not know
how to set savecore flag.

> What else have you tried to get this kernel to boot?  Do you have
> another kernel you were able to boot from?  What about your exact
> hardware config?

The panic happens only when safenet driver is complied in., GENERIC
freebsd kernel boots up fine. I am using Axiomtek NA-1281A* I have
reported the details about the panic in another mail+,



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