ACL's doesn't work with SUIDDIR

Cédric Jonas cedric at
Wed Mar 21 16:51:33 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I'm using FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, with suiddir set as option in kernel
config and fstab (+ acl support).
My goal is to have a directory (precisely a SVN repo) writable by X
specific users, where all created/modified files remain owned by svn.
I know that's not the only way to do it - but I have reasons to do it
so and not differently.

I tried following:

	drwx------  7 svn  users  512 21 Mär 17:30 braintrust
	=> user thomas CANT'T write in braintrust

	setfacl -d -m u::rwx,g::---,o::---,u:thomas:rwx braintrust/
	drwx------  7 svn  users  512 21 Mär 17:31 braintrust
	=> user thomas CAN'T write in braintrust - but he got an
	   default ACL that will apply on all created files in

	setfacl -m u:thomas:rwx braintrust/
	drwxrwx---+ 7 svn  users  512 21 Mär 17:34 braintrust
	=> user thomas CAN write in braintrust - and all created files
	   in braintrust got the default ACL

	chmod +s braintrust/
	drwsrws---+ 7 svn  users  512 21 Mär 17:35 braintrust
	=> braintrust get the suidbit/sgidbit, and all files created by
	   thomas in braintrust should be owned by svn|users
	   BUT: after +s, user thomas CAN'T write anymore in
	   braintrust, the error is not "Permission denied", but
	   "Operation not permitted". However, he can read the
	   directory content. If I do the same with a directory that
	   hasn't ACL's, it works as expected...

If I understand the manpages correctly, this isn't the correct
behavior, but a bug. Can this be fixed? If I miss understand something,
thanks to correct me.

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