Kernel error

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Mar 21 15:26:03 UTC 2007

Garrett Cooper wrote:

>> You can ignore it; it an advisory message only.  The chipset used for 
>> sis0 needs some different parameters if you use a short cable - I 
>> believe these come from the manufacturer.  In fact, with an sis0 
>> chipset I always get this message even when using a cable which I 
>> believe is not "short", but everything works just fine.
>     Hasn't happened with me under 6.x/7 with my two sis enabled 
> motherboards that I've had.
>     If memory serves me correctly though, I might have seen this with 
> my rl enabled card under 5.x though, when I used to run that version..

My bet would be that the message was confusing and of no practical use 
to end-users so was removed.  I'd bet that the whatever register fixes 
or whatever that were done under 5.4 persist in 6.X, just without the 

Feel free to check CVS to prove me right or wrong :-)


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