started playing with jails

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Wed Mar 21 15:16:05 UTC 2007

i started playing with jails today, and after following and re-following the man
page and the freebsddiary article a few times, i finally got it to work!  i have
one jail that starts on startup, and actually the hump i was getting over was
getting the jail to actually kick off the sshd daemon.  all that is working, and
i can reboot my host, and then log into the jail that auto-starts via ssh.

a couple of general questions that i cannot find the answers to:

1) if i want more than one jail, what is the proper syntax in the host's
/etc/rc.conf file for the jail_list="jailed" statement?  multiple jail_list
lines, or a single line that specifies more than one jail?
2) what happens to a jail when i 'shutdown -p now' on the host?  what caveats do
i need to watch for when rebooting or shutting down the host?
3) i would like to build some ports in my jailed process, but for my
environment, this requires mounting the export from my main box on my network. 
so far, i am not able to mount a NFS share to /usr/ports (mount_nfs: /usr/ports:
Operation not permitted).

so far so good, and im hoping i can find some interesting uses for jails on my


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