CTM update from mail

Joe Kraft jvk-list at thekrafts.org
Wed Mar 21 14:20:17 UTC 2007

I'm preparing to take a computer on the road with me where I won't have 
direct access to the internet, but will be able to receive e-mail on a 
different computer through a webmail interface.  I intend to keep up to 
date using CTM, and have looked through the handbook but there seems to 
be an important part missing.

I have downloaded the baseline and a few updates through FTP and when I 
have the files (cvs-cur.13214.gz for example) the updating works fine.

I'm trying to figure out how to use updates received in the mail.  The 
updates are split into multiple parts and CTM doesn't seem to process 
them directly.  I can't figure out how to reconstruct the original 
cvs-cur.*.gz file from the parts.

Could someone point me in the right direction?  The handbook mentions 
the ctm-users list, but I've looked through the posts since 2003 and 
there's been very little in the last few years except spam.

Joe Kraft.

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