How-to reprio gcc (by default)?

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Wed Mar 21 01:23:12 UTC 2007

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Guys,
> 	This may grab some interest from those running dog-slow servers
> 	and using a GUI env.  (Gotta fess up and admit it took me a
> 	couple years in the late 80's before I would touch Sun's NeWS.
> 	Then I  got hooked on using multiple xterms; the rest is history.)
> 	Unless I'm having severe delusions, by tweaking the NICE
> 	priorities on a bunch on std and added binaries, on my 400MHz.
> 	Kayak (with gnome-lite), I'm getting good performance.  Later 
> 	this year (or whenever hands can help me rob my junk Kayak's
> 	memory) I'll boost the SRAM from 192 to 512MB.   That ought to 
> 	allow me to run even more smoothly.  
> 	The tuning so far has been done entirely by-hand.  One example is
> 	setting the sendmail priority from a nice of 0 down to 7. I've
> 	nice'd xload down to 20; increased firefox to -17, and so forth.  
> 	top runs very well niced at 19 with "-s5".  And it does keep the
> 	5-second update fairly well.   I don't care about knowing what
> 	the system is doing every second (or default two seconds).  But
> 	it's nice to know how things are generally going.  ....So now for
> 	some questions: I'm thinking of writing a script that, once it
> 	know that X is running (and gnome/kde/<<whatever>> is in the
> 	table) will re-nice everything to my tastes.  Is there any way of
> 	setting things to run at a lower or higher nice value, other than
> 	by-hand or by-script?  Since I'm not that concerned with having a
> 	port built in K minutes or N hours (or M days :-(), can I set gcc
> 	down to 5 or 7 or whatever value?   Any kernel hackers or *real*
> 	sysadmins who can clue me in?
> 	If my backup server is still running in a few month, I'll write
> 	up an article on "system tuning" and put it on my BSD site.
> 	thanks for any/all thoughts,
> 	gary

	Seems like /etc/login.conf is the winner if you're looking into setting 
the global priority to something a bit lower :).. but if everything runs 
at the same priority won't all your processes be slow at the same speed :)?

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