pwd.db too big for / partition

Derek Ragona derek at
Mon Mar 19 21:15:03 UTC 2007

I have moved my root partition on one server.  I copied the entire 
partition to a new partition on a different drive using cpio as I wanted 
/dev moved too.  At the time this was running 4.x.

After moving the root partition I rebooted and made sure the new partition 
was still fine.  Then I changed both /etc/fstab files to mount the new 
root, and gave the old root a new mount point.

On the root of the old root I added a boot.config file to tell the loader 
the correct drive and slice to boot from.

After another reboot, I was using the new root partition.  I keep the old 
one there for the boot.config.  It like your's is too small do much else 
with given the huge drives we install these days.

As for your old root, you should try to clear any space you can.  I would 
look for any log files you can purge, etc, to get some working space.


At 09:54 AM 3/19/2007, Marcelo Maraboli wrote:
>my / partition has only 73.196 Mbytes available and since I
>have 22.000 users, I now cannot change anyone´s password..
>root at server:~$ passwd marcelo.maraboli
>Changing local password for marcelo.maraboli
>New Password:
>Retype New Password:
>/: write failed, filesystem is full
>pwd_mkdb: write old: No space left on device
>passwd: pam_chauthtok(): error in service module
>How can I rezise the "/" partition or move the spwb.db
>and pwd.db files to another partition ?? (each of them is 44 Mbytes)
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