IPv4 loopback - solved

Keith E. Brandt, M.D. wd9get at amsat.org
Mon Mar 19 15:55:36 UTC 2007

>>Disregard - I found the 'network_interfaces' line of rc.conf was
>>lacking lo0. I added it back in and it seems to be booting correctly.
>unless you are sure you need the 'network_interfaces' line in rc.conf
>I would comment it out. the default value for it in 6.2 is 'auto' and
>I have never seen that not work.

I commented it out, and it rebooted with the proper configuration. 
The strange thing is I installed the default configuration, did not 
add in the 'network_interfaces' line manually, and have not edited 
the /etc/defaults/rc.conf file. So I'm not sure how it got broken in 
the first place.

Bottom line is all is up and running now.


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