pwd.db too big for / partition

Marcelo Maraboli marcelo.maraboli at
Mon Mar 19 14:54:44 UTC 2007


my / partition has only 73.196 Mbytes available and since I
have 22.000 users, I now cannot change anyone´s password..

root at server:~$ passwd marcelo.maraboli
Changing local password for marcelo.maraboli
New Password:
Retype New Password:

/: write failed, filesystem is full
pwd_mkdb: write old: No space left on device
passwd: pam_chauthtok(): error in service module

How can I rezise the "/" partition or move the spwb.db
and pwd.db files to another partition ?? (each of them is 44 Mbytes)

MSc. Marcelo Maraboli Rosselott
Jefe Area de Redes y Comunicaciones  (Network & UNIX Systems Engineer)
Ingeniero Civil Electronico, CISSP  (Electronic Engineer, CISSP, MSc.)

Direccion Central de Servicios Computacionales (DCSC)
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria         phone: +56 32 2654071

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