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Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at
Mon Mar 19 00:30:30 UTC 2007

On Mar 18, 2007, at 6:51 PM, Garrett Cooper wrote:

> Zhang Weiwu wrote:

>> Al, okay, I'll join that list and hope alpine is as many other  
>> opensource software that is pretty mature on its 0.8 version.
>> But, I'd think Washington University better take an approach like  
>> "release early, release often". That might help. Off topic though.
> Two things, alpine is probably being released under a different  
> semi-proprietary license that all UW software gets released under,  
> including pine, so it's definitely not BSD licensed or (L)GPL  
> licensed by any means.

At the moment it is released under a very restrictive license to  
alpha testers, which I why I can't simply post a link to a copy of  
it.  But when it is officially released it will be released under the  
Apache 2.0 license, which will be an improvement over the existing  
pine license.

Note also that UW's imap libraries are released under a very non- 
restrictive license.  So really it's just Pine that's been under  
their peculiar license.


Jeffrey Goldberg              

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