export nfs to a host with dynamic IP address

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Sun Mar 18 16:18:37 UTC 2007

Maybe this is not possible, but can I export NFS share to a host that
have dynamic IP address?

My office server export an NFS share folder to several local desktop
computers. I often need to access these NFS share from my home computer,
which have dynamic IP address. I do have a fixed domain name,
myhome.ods.org always have a "A" dns record pointing to my home computer.

Having dynamic IP address never caused a problem for me because, as I
said I have fixed domain name (updated with ez-ipupdate) but when it
comes to NFS it is a problem. If I write my fixed domain name in
/etc/export I wouldn't be able to mount that share. NFS server seems to
check the IP address that wish to connect to it, reverse lookup its
domain name, and compare it with what's written in /etc/exports. For me
it doesn't work because my dynamic IP address cannot reverse resolve to
my fixed domain address.

So, is there a network file system that can work for my case? I never
tried NFS SSL authentication things because after a google search it
looks quit complex to install and configure: but if that's the only way
to go I'll start to learn it. I also know samba can provide
authentication so I don't have to rely on IP address to control access.
However I never set up samba server before: also I would do it if that's
the only way to go.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance.

Best Regards
Zhang Weiwu

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