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Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Sun Mar 18 03:25:03 UTC 2007

On Sat, 17 Mar 2007 18:21:48 -0600
Ray <ray at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to setup a new server, and I'm having some problems mostly with the 
> network card. (machine specs follow) I can't get a driver to work for the 
> integrated network card.  I've spent a number of hours on google / "the 
> complete freeBSD" / "the freeBSD handbook". the handbook (section 11.8 
> outlines using ndis (project evil) drivers. I tried using this. I went 
> through ndisgen, and everything seemed to work. I then tried to use kldload 
> and got the error message:  
> "kldload: can't load file.ko :operation not permitted" 
> of course I did all of this as root. I am using the amd64 version of freeBSD 
> (is this my first mistake?) and the 64 bit version of the drivers.
> as a side note, the supplied driver disk includes a source version of the 
> linux driver. is there any way to use this?
> Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.
> Ray
> machine specs
> 2GB ram
> AMD 5200 x2 processor (sorry, the box isn't in front of me)
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a friend of mine installed a 6.2-RELEASE system with an nforce network card in it a few weeks ago.  upon intial install, the nve adapter would not fire up.  he put in another card that was supported (a linksys), did his cvsup and buildworld, and the nve driver worked after that.

however, the nve thru our freebsd router has had trouble several times, locking the system up over frames with larger than 1500 mtu (or something to that effect).  my friend had to dump the nve and just settle for the linksys, in the name of system system stability.


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