Laszlo Nagy gandalf at
Sat Mar 17 15:17:08 UTC 2007

    Dear List,

I would like to use esddsp to forward sounds from a server to several 
diskless clients. All clients have sound cards, and the esd daemon 
started with

esd -promiscuous -tcp -pubic -port 1500

On the server side, I can play an mp3 file with

esddsp -v -s earth.msnet:1500 mpg123 something.mp3

My problem is that esddsp creates the pseudo device for the given 
process only. In other words, /dev/dsp is not inherited by child 
processes. For example doing

esddsp -v -s earth.msnet:1500 x11amp

will not work, because x11amp uses a different process for decoding. 
What I would like to do is to have all gnome2 system sounds, x11amp, 
firefox/flash sounds etc. working. But of course, it is not a good idea 
to start everything with esddsp, and in many cases it is not possible at 
all. Question is, is there a way to tell esddsp that the created pseudo 
dsp device should be used for all applications?



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