Can't see ATA drives with new install

jlc415 at jlc415 at
Sat Mar 17 11:05:11 UTC 2007

I've just installed 6.2/amd64 on a system with standard IDE as well as
SATA; I've got three drives: an old linux IDE hard drive (that I can't
modify), a CD/DVD drive on the IDE bus, and a new SATA drive where
I've just installed/am installing FreeBSD.

I can boot from any of the drives: the linux install doesn't have the
right drivers so it's not usable, but the MB definitely sees the
drive. I can boot from the FreeBSD boot CD, as well, and that's what I
used to install onto the SATA drive.

The trouble is that when I boot from the SATA drive I can't see either
of the other two drives. /dev contains the entries for the main SATA
drive, but nothing for anything else: no /dev/acd or /dev/cd; no other
hard drives; nothing. Looked through dmesg but didn't see anything
related to the cd drive, although I really don't know what I'm looking

I wondered whether the stock kernel maybe just didn't include the
right drivers, so added

device atapicam
device scbus
device cd
device pass

to GENERIC, but I still can't see the dvd drive.

What should I be looking for? Is there more robust documentation on
dealing with ATA devices somewhere?

Any help much appreciated.


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