Xfce 4.4 and Thunar automounting of USB stick

Chess Griffin chessg at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 21:49:56 UTC 2007

On 3/16/07, Chris Shenton <chris at shenton.org> wrote:
> When you try to open a Thunar window to look at some directory, does
> it work?  It did for me on one box, once, but since thing the window
> comes up with a gray pane and two white panels then hangs, with "top"
> saying it's in state "kserel".  I haven't been able to resolve this on
> the ports or thunar lists. :-(
> The one time I saw it work, it was able to mount USB drives
> automatically (in my case, a digital audio recorder). I didn't have to
> do anything special but I was running hald and friends.

Chris, thanks for your reply.  Yes, Thunar works just fine browsing the
filesystem.  It's just that nothing automounts like it's supposed to, and
that includes both USB sticks and CDs.

Should I post this in freebsd-ports as well?  I don't want to double-post if
the port maintainers also monitor this list as well.  I may post in the
thunar or xfce mailing lists, but I think this is a FreeBSD issue since the
Thunar automounting works in various Linux distributions.

I would really like to get this to work, but scouring google hits and
mailing lists has turned up empty.  :(

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