Fixing DST manually on rel4 & rel5

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Fri Mar 16 16:58:58 UTC 2007

On Mar 16, 2007, at 12:56 AM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> The use of "ln -s" will work just fine as written.  I don't know why
>> tzsetup makes a copy of the zoneinfo file rather than setting up a
>> symlink, but making a copy simply allows the file in /etc to become
>> out-of-sync if one updates the files under /usr/share{/lib}/zoneinfo
>> without re-running tzsetup again.
> Maybe they want the timezone to be correct if you boot into
> single user mode and don't mount /usr?

*shrug*-- maybe, but if you don't mount /usr, the system isn't  
capable of running much which cares about the timezone.  Even syslogd  
itself is under /usr/sbin....


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