Build your own ISO-install-CD?

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Fri Mar 16 08:08:47 UTC 2007

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Subject: Build your own ISO-install-CD?

> Hi,
> I need to build my own ISO-install-CD for FreeBSD 6.2. Is this
> possible (given an up-to-date /usr/src tree)?


> If yes, how?

The process is long and complex.  You don't want to do it if you can help
If people beg me on this list I'll post the step by step I use but trust me
really really don't want to do this unless absolutely necessary.

> Will this process build build a "mini"-CD or a full "Disc1"?

all install disks, plus the mini, depending on what options you set.

> Can this "home-brewn" install-CD be used instead of the Disc1 of the
> 6.2 CD-set when installing a machine from scratch?


> Will it prompt for the second CD containing the various
> packages?

it is the same as the distributed install cd so yes.

> Thanks in advance for any clue,
> -ewald
> PS: Just for explanation: The original 6.2 install-CDs don't support a
> specific NIC I've got in my blade-systems. A new-version of the
> corresponding driver has already been submitted though.

Here is the easy way to fix this.

1) Burn a CD with the new driver

2) Boot off a regular install ISO and install your system plus kernel

3) Mount the burned CD and copy the new driver to the kernel
source location it is supposed to be at

4) Recompile kernel and your in business.

Way, way, way easier than making a custom cd


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