Verifying my 3D drivers set up properly for my nVidia based graphics card

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Fri Mar 16 03:36:00 UTC 2007

Jim Stapleton wrote:
> I have a 7300GT in my computer, and I have run into a couple of errors
> trying to set up WoW in Wine (couldn't find copies of the error
> elsewhere). Also a couple of OpenGL applications are running slower
> than one would expect given my card (especially in the screen savers
> area, where the same apps would run /too fast/ with my old Ti4200.
> These in conjunction lead me to suspect my graphics setup.
> What application/method would you suggest to test this? I'd prefer
> something that would provide command line information, rather than
> "about how fast does this run?"
> I checked for the libraries mentioned on nVidias web site, and they
> are all in the right spots, which leads me to suspect it's an
> xorg.conf error, but I'm not sure. I've attached the xorg.conf file to
> the end, just in case.
> Thanks,
> -Jim Stapleton
> /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

[snipped config]

> /var/log/Xorg.0.log:

[snipped long log]

	I'm not sure about your wine config because wine's a very twitchy beast 
(over the past couple years in particular because of an API change I 
think). All I know is that I was very happy and amazed when I got 
Half-Life 1 to play on my desktop back when I ran KDE in Linux. It was 

	glxgears will provide you with some performance info about your OpenGL 
stats though.

	It also depends on what you're running, what your 7300GT runs for 
shared RAM, etc because I noticed that you mentioned Ti4200 (my first 
nVidia card), and they customarily came stock with 64MB of VRAM, whereas 
the 7300GT cards I can only assume come with around 256MB ~ 368MB. This 
in turn could seriously eat up system RAM if you don't have a lot and 
reduce performance in your machine, like what occurred with me and my 
first desktop after I upgraded to a Geforce 6200 card with 128MB of RAM 
since my system only has 512MB of RAM to allocate. Some things got 
faster, some things stayed the same, and some things got slower..

	It also depends on the vendor that you bought the card from too. nVidia 
contracted their chipset to quite a few 3rd parties after the 5000 
series, and it seems like their graphics quality in some respects has 
become inconsistent, and degraded with some vendors.



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