FreeBSD 2.2.9 / Installation problem

Josh Paetzel josh at
Thu Mar 15 23:04:38 UTC 2007

On Thursday 15 March 2007, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 08:43:32PM +0100, Nino Ivanov wrote:
> > Dear Chistian, Dear Kris,
> >
> > I also think the RAM will not be the issue, as it is a text-only
> > install, and indeed, I am not planning to "get fancy". I
> > completely don't need X. Midnight Commander is perfectly fine as
> > a working environment. 4.11 seemed OK.
> >
> > But I am having a different problem right now, which I am still
> > researching: It does not recognize the device from where to mount
> > root correctly. I mean the following: When I put FreeBSD into the
> > Compaq for installation, the harddrive is ad4 or ad8. But in the
> > system where I want to run it, the HP Omnibook, it is ad0.
> >
> > Now, when I start it back in the HP Omnibook, it says that swap
> > is not configured correctly on ad8s-something. Which is true, it
> > should look for it on ad0... I have only once been able till now
> > to mount root. (And this is my basis for assuming that even 4.11
> > CAN potentially run.) I said as command ufs:/dev/ad0 when it
> > asked me where to mount root from. This worked, however, e.g.
> > ufs:/dev/ad0s1 did not work. I am thinking that I might have made
> > a mistake, and should have said ad0s1a.
> >
> > Yet, the principal new problem persists: FreeBSD does not realize
> > that it should now look at ad0 instead of ad4 or ad8. (However,
> > in the booting process, it correctly "sees" ad0 as having 325 MB
> > etc.) Is there a way to solve this?
> Probably the /etc/fstab is wrong and refers to the ad4 or ad8
> devices. The root should indeed typically be ufs:/dev/ad0s1a.
> Kris

I'm a tad confused, as I thought we were talking about FBSD 2.x, which 
would've called your drive wd0, not ad0.  But Kris is correct in that 
your fstab is wrong...your /boot/loader.conf probably has the wrong 
root device as well.


Josh Paetzel

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