amarok lyrics: proxy and ruby?

Mike michel.boto at
Thu Mar 15 18:07:44 UTC 2007

Anna Vazquez Nikonova wrote:
> To me it seems that is becouse amarok didnt find the proxy.But with
> older version 1.3.9 i can, what is the problem? Can somebody help me?
> _______________________________________________
Leave Amarok open and type this in a console window:

dcop amarok script proxyForProtocol http

If it prints an empty line instead of a string like 
"http://somehost:someport", you probably need to open kcontrol and 
configure the proxy settings.  Even if you don't use KDE, you need to 
configure proxy support in kcontrol (don't worry, if you can run Amarok 
then you have kdelibs, which means you also have kcontrol), because 
Amarok grabs its knowledge of the proxy addresses from there.

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