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A request, first.
Please include a meaningful subject line on messages to the list.
Most people will ignore messages with no subject line as all are
quite busy enough taking care of things already.

> hello ;
> i am new at FreeBSD .
> Where can i get FreeBSD commands list?

There is no comprehensive list.   That is because it is not only
possible, but required and encouraged for you to add to the system
what you need or desire to run.

There are a few basic thing that exist for everyone.  
First, you should probably know ls(1) and man(1).  ls lists
files.   man is a utility to display or print the manual page
(usually shortened to just 'man' page) for something.  Note that 
the number in parens (1) or (8) or whatever, you will often see 
refers to the manual section.   Most often the one you want is
the one that comes up by default, but there are some things with
information in more than one man section.

Then there are the shell built-in commands.   See  'man builtin'
It lists the built in shell commands for the two main shell
families that are used in the system.   sh includes sh and bash.
csh includes csh and tcsh.  There are others, but less often used.
In FreeBSD the default shell is tcsh for a login and mose system
scripts use sh.

Finally, list the contents of directories  /bin  /sbin /usr/bin, /usr/sbin
and /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin.    Those files are almost all 
utilities that can be executed directly as a command.   

Check the man page for any that you want to learn about - type  'man yes' 
(without the quote marks) to see the brief man page for the  yes  utility, 
for example.   Man pages have a formal/stylized structure and wording.
Sometimes that can seem a little dense and you will want to look 
for additional information in a book or in a search engine on the web.

You should also check out the 'man hier' man page as it describes
the way FreeBSD file systems and directories are layed out. 


> thankz .
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