sendmail not working?

Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Mar 14 21:10:28 UTC 2007

You need to make sure sendmail is starting and running.  Check your rc.conf 
and any variables that might need to be set.


At 03:58 PM 3/14/2007, Laszlo Nagy wrote:

>  Hi All,
>Got a problem with FreeBSD 6.2 (upgraded from 6.1): cron is not sending 
>out e-mails. However, it is running:
>messias# ps ax | grep cron
>988  ??  Ss     0:01.86 /usr/sbin/cron -s
>But, if I write this into the crontab of root:
>* * * * * echo "Test"
>then I do not get any e-mail. This machine has an ssh tunnel that forwards 
>TCP/25 port to another machine. Postfix is installed on this machine, but 
>it is not enabled. I believe that sendmail should work for local 
>addresses, even if the SMTP server is not listening locally. At least, 
>sendmail(8) tells this:
><man 8 sendmail>
>       With  no  flags, sendmail reads its standard input up to an end-of-file
>       or a line consisting only of a single dot and sends a copy of the  mes-
>       sage  found  there  to  all of the addresses listed.  It determines the
>       network(s) to use based on the syntax and contents of the addresses.
>       Local addresses are looked up in  a  file  and  aliased
></man 8 sendmail>
>Here is a quick test that I did:
>messias# sendmail gandalf
>messias# mail
>Mail version 8.1 6/6/93.  Type ? for help.
>"/var/mail/gandalf": 1 message
> >   1 MAILER-DAEMON at messia  Fri Nov 10 12:27  13/664   "DON'T DELETE THIS 
>I have many scripts that I would like to run from cron. Probably they 
>throw errors, but I have no clue what are those errors, because I'm not 
>getting mails from cron. What should I do?
>Another question: is it possible to setup cron so that it uses a different 
>SMTP server for sending e-mails? If so, can I specify this for one user 
>only? Well, the obvious solution would be to create a special user and 
>create a .forward file, right?
>Thanks in advance,
>   Laszlo
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