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Wed Mar 14 19:48:54 UTC 2007

On 3/14/07, Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at> wrote:
> i need to buy new notebook for personal use.
> Could you give me an advice what will be actually FULLY supported by
> FreeBSD.
> Other needs are:
> a) low price
> b) high reliability
> c) long battery run
> processing power and extra peripherals are not important, even slower NEW
> laptops are much more powerful that me needs.
> Especially WiFi is unneeded, LAN will be OK but it's not a problem to
> attach one.
> thank you very much
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I dont know about other laptops, just the one I own. It's an acer 1644WLMi.
It's supported completely by freebsd. I bought it 1yr ago, now it should be
very cheap. It has a 2.0ghz Centrino (Pentium M), 1GB RAM DDR, a 120GB
5200rpm disk, WiFi, USBx4, Intel High definition audio, Intel GMA 945 128MB,
battery used to hold for more than 2hr in working mode.

There's only a couple of things that you'll need to tweak:

1) snd_hda doesn't come in 6_RELENG.Check the multimedia mailing list to
learn how to get it working (everything works great, speaker, line, mic,
2) The ACPI implementation has a couple of bytecodes fsckd up. You need to
fix it and load the modified  AML. Check the acpi mailing list to get some
help on correcting this minor issue.

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