beagle contents search not working?

Must Karu mustikas008 at
Wed Mar 14 17:17:44 UTC 2007


can anyone confirm that any of the desktop search
engines, beagle or tracker, work on their system? What
Im interested in is whether they can search contents
of files? 

When I try to extract content with beagle on my
machine (latest mono, FBSD 6.2) using

beagle-extract-content file.txt

it gives: 

. . .
Unable to filter file:///file.txt: posix_fadvise

So: in light of the fact that FreeBSD does not seem to
have posix_fadvise implemented at all (right?), does
this mean beagle is not able to index file contents at
all on FBSD (at the moment)?  Possible workarounds? 

best, must

PS  As for tracker, its contents extractor cmd line
utility just exits silently, giving nothing. 


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