Fixing DST manually on rel4 & rel5

Ken Cochran kwc at
Wed Mar 14 15:12:14 UTC 2007

Hello -questions:

This is most certanly a FAQ but I'm not yet finding the kind of
answer I need...

I have a couple of old FreeBSD systems that I can't (yet) update
to the new Daylight Saving Time rules (based on the email message
that came out on -announce in late February).  One is
4.10-stable, last updated late November 2004 & the other is
5.4-release.  Cvsup brings /usr/src in order but I can't update
ports (yet) to get misc/zoneinfo and it doesn't look like I can
just "transfer" the /usr/share/zoneinfo bits over from /usr/src
without a {build,install}world (also impractical at this time).

Best I can tell from the message that came from -announce sometime
back, the same fix(es) would apply to both the 4 & 5 branches.

Is there a "proper" way to fix the timezone on these machines
"manually" pending the "real" change that will happen in the
system according to the previous rules/schedule?  (e.g. Fix it
temporarily/manually but not clobber the original rules.)

Or is there some way to install the new cvsup'ed zoneinfo bits
into an "old" system so I can run tzsetup and have everything
fixed "correctly?"  I'm in US Central timezone and I've seen it
reported as CST6CDT (I guess that's in SysV).

FAQ/doc/book pointers/references are welcome of course - I'm
still digging around in both the Handbook & Complete FreeBSD
and wherever else I can find...

Many thanks,


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