Don't buy AMD products (was Re: Xorg and ATI card query.)

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Wed Mar 14 00:30:38 UTC 2007

On Tue, 13 Mar 2007, Doug Ambrisko wrote:

> Kip Macy writes:
> | Please be very careful. The only real alternative (Intel comes and
> | goes) is Nvidia whose driver is binary-only for i386 (no amd64
> | support) and has a history for being notoriously buggy. I only buy ATI
> | because of the problems I keep seeing people have with the Nvidia
> | driver. I have a friend who has basically abandoned his dual-head
> | Nvidia card due to recurring issues.
> One thing that is a plus with nv is that X has some support for it,
> whereas, the newer ati cards have no support :-(  I was a fan of ati
> since it was easier to get support.  Now I'm starting to lean towards
> Nvidia :-(

I used to find nvidia drivers very buggy, but the recent drivers have 
greatly impressed me.


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