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Wed Mar 14 00:15:59 UTC 2007

--- rloefgren at wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Mar 2007, Old Ranger wrote:
> > Believe it or not, I actually had an irate woman
> complain to me about having a
> > "devil" image on our church website.  <sheesh>
> Nothing is more complete than the delusion
> that beauty equals goodness.
>  		- Tolstoy

 I think it needs to be clarified that "beastie" is
Not a devil. 

 Beastie was aptly created to represent a Daemon. 
 Simply correct them that it is not a devil or demon
but a Daemon.

>From Wikipedia:

"Many people equate the word daemon with the word
demon, implying some kind of Satanic connection
between UNIX and the underworld. This is an egregious
misunderstanding. Daemon is actually a much older form
of demon; daemons have no particular bias towards good
or evil, but rather serve to help define a person's
character or personality. The ancient Greeks' concept
of a personal daemon was similar to the modern concept
of a guardian angel --- eudaemonia is the state of
being helped or protected by a kindly spirit. As a
rule, UNIX systems seem to be infested with both
daemons and demons." (p403)


The Large Print Giveth And The Small Print Taketh Away
 -- Anon

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