Wireless Bridge in FreeBSD 6.1

Sung Park compara at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 23:00:33 UTC 2007

I'm having trouble to bridge two wireless card which is Atheros AR5213A in
FreeBSD 6.1.  I try to make transparent bridge in these two wireless card.

I compiled BRIDGE in kernel and I put


in sysctl.conf.

Following diagram is what I did it.


Left unit is wireless router. Middle unit is transparent bridge. Right unit
is client.  I set up like this.  Ath0 of left unit is AP. Ath0 of middle
unit is Station.  Ath1 of middle unit is AP. Ath0 of right unit is Station.
I can ping from to but I can't ping from to

I tested wired LAN bridge with same configuration. It works well.

Anyone has idea about this or has same problem. Please, help me. Any kind of
information will save me.

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