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Tue Mar 13 21:41:49 UTC 2007

As both a Christian and a FreeBSD user, I have stickers on my car
related to
both. It's truly humorous to see the occasional glare I might get
because of
Beastie or the rare double take due to both being there
Luckily my church has a respectably sized geek community, and more
that not, Beastie gets the respect he deserves. Always it's a good
conversation starter about either.


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On 3/13/07, Adam Gerety <adam.gerety at> wrote:
> What are the rules, in terms of using the FreeBSD Devil image to
> some stickers?  I am huge fan/supporter of FreeBSD and want a
> that is just the Devil to put on my computers.  Not planning to
> them, though it might make a nice avenue for financial contribution
> to the effort.

Our beastie may be a bit devilish in some respects, but
please don't call him just a devil. Some people stay
away from FreeBSD for religious reasons. Feeding their
misconception is the last thing we want to do.


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