No matter what I try I can't get Nvidia 3d acceleration to work. Please help!

hxc at hxc at
Tue Mar 13 13:56:19 UTC 2007

Hugo Silva wrote:
> I have to disagree. Been playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein[: Enemy
> Territory] and NeverWinter Nights 1 for years - I surely wouldn't say
> they're "anything from slow to unplayable": NWN runs fine at max
> resolution, and I have constant 142FPS (they're capped @ 142) on ET, at
> 1280x1024.
> Hugo
That is good news :D. I think the problem is not with 3d acceleration 
but with AGP. I now get this error message at boot:

login: NVRM: AGP cannot be enabled on this combination of the AMD CPU 
and OS kernel
NVRM: kernel upgrade recommended.

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