Recover Make ARG's from a ports Install

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Tue Mar 13 00:15:25 UTC 2007

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wrote Alexander Schlichting thusly...
> On a server I have a package installed using ports and now I have
> to install the package with exactly the same make arguments on
> another server. I just don't find a way to see what arguments
> where used to install it the first time. With Linux I would look
> into config.status is there something similar with FreeBSD?

There may be config.status present in $WRKSRC directory (in a port
directory, run "make -V WRKSRC" to find the value) if that port's
make process generates such a file AND you have not run "make clean"
yet.  (That also means you have to compile the port yourself.)

To save make arguments for future use, you could write a wrapper
which would save the arguments in a file|database before running
appropriate make target.  Use the same wrapper to retrieve the
stored arguments.

Below is my attempt at such a wrapper (feel free to change) ...

... to see available commands just run "pmk" without any arguments.
Provide arguments to a make target as ...

  pmk <command> [ arg_1 arg_2 arg_3 ... ]

  - Parv


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