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Mon Mar 12 22:01:23 UTC 2007

in message <200703111301.55172.freebsd at dfwlp.com>,
wrote Jonathan Horne thusly...
> so far i have it built with 6.2-RELEASE-p2, and xorg up to the
> minimal desktop.
> id like to try to try something thats not gnome, or basically id
> like to try some of the lesser known, but still just as functional
> desktops.
> can i get some recommendations, as well as what graphical mail
> reader and web browser works best with your recommendation?

I have been using FVWM 2 (-devel version) for quite a while. Tvtwm
is the "emergency" wm when/if fvwm upgrade goes berserk or has not
been installed yet.  The most interesting point is that windows are
almost in the same place|state -- given same page layout  -- whilst
switching between the two.  I think vtwm provides for more eye candy
than tvtwm.

I used Ion (pre-lua change) which did not disappoint; have not used
current Ion version due to laziness about learning lua just to
edit a configuration file.  It seemed most helpful in managing gimp

Opera is the web browser I use (over Firefox) mainly due the ease of
assiging|using key bindings similar to vi or mutt.

Mutt (-devel version) is the mail reader in xterm (unless I am in
hurry, then mutt works just fine on console too for fast reading).

Some of my configuration files ..


  - Parv


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